College Stride


Welcome to College Stride, a college application consulting service that helps students and their families make confident, successful strides toward college admission.

Do you need help to reach your goal of college acceptance?

Applying to college nowadays has changed a lot. Admissions Office expectations are higher, the economic climate is more volatile, technology seems to change the rules every year, and the competition for places at popular schools has skyrocketed.

Using an individualized approach, College Stride guides and empowers students through the college application process. By helping them help themselves, College Stride also provides knowledge and teaches useful skills students can use in future transitions or applications.

College Stride helps students

  • Get organized
  • Make a plan
  • Brainstorm, outline, write and edit essays
  • Maintain their momentum

and successfully complete the college application process. We also communicate with and update parents and serve as a resource about colleges and scholarships.

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